Stable operations 

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Blockchain Intelligence

CENT is proud developer of Cardano Blockchain Intelligence solution for the community. The solution enables you todrill into the Cardano blockchain data. Get started at

Official delegation guide from IOHK

We hope you have decided to delegate stake to CENT. This is how! The following video guide walks you through it all the way

Cardano Explorer

View transaction data and blocks produced by CENT in the visually stunning Cardano Explorer

CENT on Twitter!

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Please be sure to verify our pool id's before delegating.

Pool id: d34d33e345f006058bf136745a2c6b6e557621cf02dbaa29e71f3a0f

Alternative pool id: pool16dxn8c697qrqtzl3xe695trtde2hvgw0qtd65208ruaq70hv4ud

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